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Workhorse Marketing was created after seeing a clear need in the business landscape for accessible, easy to understand and affordable Marketing and Promotional support. It is overwhelming to try and run a  business as well as understand trends, opportunities, media, analytics and the importance of managing your brand. We let you do what you love and take the reins on all things marketing, promotion and brand.


our services fit your needs

We know your business is unique so we won't try and sell you a package of services that you don't need.  Our first step is getting to know you, your team and your brand.  We will work with you to  find out exactly what you need to take your brand to the next level. We do lots of digging to find out where the friction is, where you are winning and where we can elevate and adjust your plan.   We also know how important relationships are in this world and those are our number one priority. We are not just "selling" you on our team and services but creating a partnership that makes your success is not only our primary focus but our entire mission.

Social Media Management

Well it looks like it is more than a fad.. Social Media is here to stay and takes a lot of energy to stay current and on trend. Everyday the landscape changes, gets larger and harder to manage.


We have the tools to keep it all in line, help it grow and give it the attention it deserves. We get to know your audience and speak to them in ways that resonate. We can help start those conversations that lead to relationships with your customers. Oh and we will keep you updated on what the world is saying about your brand so you don't have to worry about it.

Web Design

Websites are the welcome mat to every business. What you say on yours can stop people from crossing the threshold. We can help make it feel warm and inviting as well as giving a clear concise message.


We make sure it is doing exactly what you need it to do and keep track of the performance. Even the best websites need facelifts so we will be here with you when the time comes to make those changes. No cookie cutter layouts. We know your brand deserves to shine!

Media Purchasing

Spending money on any advertising is a huge commitment and the most important part is making sure those dollars go as far as possible. We find the right places and right times to send your message out.


Then we go to bat for you to make sure you are getting the best value per dollar spent. With either digital or traditional media, the important part is getting your message to the right people.. not just anyone. We will nail down those targets and get the most band for your buck.

Brand Development

Having a defined brand is like building a puzzle. Each piece on it's own is fine. They have to come together to make a picture.


Let us help you decide what that looks like. Little things like colors, fonts, brand voice and messaging can go a long way in easing confusion and making the consumer see the big picture.

Events Based Marketing

Want to drive people to a location or get the word out about your brand? We have found one area that most other teams over look!


We have hosted large and small events but what we find with all events is that it gives people something to talk about, post about and creates a sense of knowing a brand in a way other marketing just can't do. From concept to day of execution we can do the heavy lifting so you can spend time with the people who drive your business.

Graphic Design

With attention spans getting shorter and shorter, having a visual image that catches your attention is pretty darn important.


Every corner, every color, every photo and every detail can make a huge difference in how well received an image is. Whatever the message we will make it come to life.


Nothing showcases your brand quite like video. We work with you to create a compelling story for your customers.


If it is a quick :15 sec promo for a sale or a detailed montage of who you are as a company we can help you make something worth watching.


Capturing moments for social media, ad campaigns or just the company Christmas party, photos will impress.


We will help you create a shot list and direct the shoots so you can just enjoy the results.

Strategic Partnerships

We love a good party. All parties are more fun when there are people you have something in common with hanging out.


Building partnerships for your brand is something we love to do! Helping connect the dots with other businesses can help expand your market, introduce new customers and make for great social media content.


At the end of the day.. the proof is in the pudding and for us that is the Analytics. Not everything marketing related can be measured.


We take all the numbers we can and make sense of them for you so we can continue to direct the best plan based on results and key performance indicators. We are always adjusting to provide the best, most efficient results for you.

Workhorse Marketing

the team

Allie Grack



Kim Stone



Lynn Holzworth

Senior Digital Director


Ally Saba

Director of Client Services


Lauren Sustad

Art Director


Devin Dornbrock

Digital Marketing Specialist


Bethany Forhetz

Social Media Coordinator


Breanna Stone

Executive Assistant


Our Company Values
We understand what you have built

Your company, your brand, your baby...We understand!--That's why we become your partner and your teammate.  We want to develop a strong level of trust with the very important task of taking care of your brand.  We believe in giving back to the community--that's why we donate our time to a minimum of 3 non-profits every year.  We're in this together with you so your success is our success!  Now let's roll up our sleeves and get to work!!

Clients we've worked with
we value the relationships we have built

Truly a great experience.

“Workhorse Marketing played a critical role in helping create, promote and execute our 2020 Midwest Country Music Award show.  Not only did we achieve record attendance but the live performance feed they helped create went viral on social media building significant brand awareness and excitement across our members, industry and local country music fans we support.  We couldn't be more supportive of Workhorse Marketing's leadership, staffing and execution. Thank you for your service and continuing support of our organization.”

- Bob K. Midwest Country Music Organization

they took the time to understand.

"Workhorse Marketing has joined our existing five member marketing team, and steered us in a new direction. Each time we meet with them, they come up with more creative ways to reach our potential customers! We have been with them for 2 years now, and looking forward to many more! Call them for your marketing experience. We are glad we did!"

- Mark N. All Seasons Garage Door


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